Tree Care Tips: Correctly Caring of your Trees

Tree Care Tips: Correctly Caring of your Trees

It is normal for trees to grow over the years; it is also normal that they can suffer damage or get sick. As an owner, you have to take care of your trees and keep them in the best possible shape; that is why it is crucial that you follow these tree care tips. We are here to help you!

The Right Way to Care for Your Trees

Trees need attention and care. You have to be attentive and not let an illness affects your tree; you also have to take care of it so that in times of strong winds it can resist them without problems. For your tree to be well you must follow these tree care tips:


This process is done for safety and to give more visibility to the things around the tree; sidewalks, streets, and other things. It is ideal to keep your trees in your area and do not invade public property, that is why you have to prune your trees.

It is essential that you always be careful not to damage the tree; you should not cut back or run the risk of shaping your tree. If your tree has a lot of height, then you have to contact a professional to help you because it is a dangerous job. If you need help, do not hesitate to contact us.


Mulching is the best you can do for your tree. If you are determined to do it, then we recommend that you keep the mulch 3 “or 4” away from the base of the tree. This is not a natural process but believe us, the benefits of mulching are many!

The grass competes with the tree for water and nutrients, which is why the mulch is essential, you must enrich the soil. Apply organic mulch over tree roots -2-4 inches deep under the crown.


It is vital that you always try to water your trees to keep them healthy. Water should penetrate the top 12-18 inches of soil, covering most of the roots. You should be careful with the way you water, you should not apply too much water.

If you need help with the care of your trees, do not hesitate to contact us! Our team of professionals is ready to help you with whatever you need.