Stump Grinding vs Removal Dilemma: Which Is Better?

Stump Grinding vs Removal Dilemma: Which Is Better?

When counting on an unattractive stump in your yard, homeowners are often found in the stump grinding vs removal dilemma. Fear not, because today we’ll go over the pros and cons of each. We’ll help you out with this hard decision.

Stumps on your property can often bring down the look of your place by a lot. Not only that but also they can bring all sorts of trouble to your home! From bringing potential pests and insects to being a threat to your children and elderly, it’s always best to get rid of stumps ASAP.

Stump Grinding vs Removal: Learn the Benefits and Drawbacks of Each

For you to know the difference between these two, you must first know what consists of the process of each. 

Stump Grinding

When choosing an affordable option that’ll get rid of your stump fast, you can never go wrong with stump grinding. Grinding a stump usually takes a professional around an hour. Also, depending on the stump, its cost can range between $100 and $400

Just as the name states, in order to perform this procedure, you need to count on a stump grinder by your side. Additionally, the grinding process can turn out quite messy if not prepared correctly. 

The down-side of grinding your trees is the fact that it doesn’t completely remove your tree. It leaves the tree’s roots almost intact. Because of this, replanting in the same location can turn out more strenuous.

Also, grinding a stump can leave the possibility of sprouts coming back. Lastly, the decay process of the the stump’s roots takes years, even decades, to fully happen.

Tree Stump Removal

The stump removal process is much more arduous compared to grinding. After all, removal consists of the full elimination of a stump, including its roots. 

There are two ways in which you can remove a stump. The first method consists of using stump killing herbicides. The second way is when you remove a stump by extracting all root traces. 

A stump’s roots can vary a lot by how old the tree was before dying. After all, as a tree grows, so does its root ball. There are cases in which there are root balls that are ten times larger than the size of the tree itself!

Of course, because this process ensures the full elimination of a stump’s roots, it tends to be more costly. On average, this whole process can end you up costing between $400 to $700! 

Lastly, stump removal is a more time intensive task. Not only do you need to consider the time of digging the large hole but also you need to think about the time to fix it as well!

Luckily, completely removing a stump gives you the chance to replant another tree in the future.