5 Low Maintenance Trees That You Should Plant in Your Garden

5 Low Maintenance Trees That You Should Plant in Your Garden

Squirrels Tree Service Inc. created this blog to show you which are the best low maintenance trees. You must consider each of the options that we are going to mention since they are the trees that need less care.

Trees are very important for any garden; therefore, you must choose the correct type to plant. Maintenance is one of the things you should consider before planting a tree. If you sow a low maintenance one then you won’t have to invest a lot of time to make it look good.

Maintaining a tree can be a difficult task, you have to water and trim it regularly. If you want to sow a tree in your garden but you don’t have much time to take care of it, then you are on the right blog. Squirrels Tree Service Inc. is here to help you make the right decisions. Let’s not waste any more time, get comfortable and read our blog to the end.

These Are the Most Common Low Maintenance Trees to Plant 

Common Low Maintenance Shrubs and Trees

If you are in that initial stage in which you must build your garden, then you must buy some species of trees and shrubs. Before buying the trees you should inform yourself and know which ones are ideal for your garden. We know that there is a wide variety of trees, but we will focus on those that require the lowest maintenance.

These are the low maintenance trees to consider:

  1. Japanese maple is a good choice
  2. Serviceberry is a low maintenance option
  3. Crape Myrtle is an option you should consider
  4. Magnolia adapts to any garden
  5. Burning bush requires minimal care

Each of these options will help you improve the appearance of your landscape. Now we are going to explain each of the options that we mentioned to you and each of its benefits.

Japanese Maple Is a Good Choice 

japanese maple

Japanese maples are very famous as they offer brilliant foliage in the fall. There is a wide variety of Japanese maples, some are airy and straight and others are compact. This type of tree is well known for not requiring a lot of maintenance, just water it once a week.

The beauty of this tree is natural; in other words, you don’t have to spend a lot of time improving its appearance.

Serviceberry Is a Low Maintenance Option 

serviceberry tree

Blueberries are deciduous members of the Rosaceae family. This tree offers a beautiful flower in the spring; therefore, it will give color and a good appearance to your garden. Caring for this tree does not require much work and is resistant to cold so it will work well in winter. This is an option that you should consider since it will bring many benefits to your landscape.

Serviceberry is resistant to pests and that is why it does not need much care. We recommend looking for an arborist to help you plant this type of tree.

Crape Myrtle Is an Option You Should Consider 

low maintenance crape myrtle tree

This is one of the best known trees in the whole country. It is usually known by the name of the southern lilac. Its flowers are incredible and it has beautiful foliage that makes it one of the most striking trees. This type of tree does not need much maintenance, it is enough to prune it a few times a year to make it look good.

Squirrels Tree Service Inc recommends this tree because it will improve the appearance of your garden and you will not have to invest much time in taking care of it. Myrtle trees have a great variety of colors and they grow depending on how mature they are.

Magnolia Adapts to Any Garden 

magnolia tree

Magnolia is known for its large and showy flowers. These trees are known to be hardy and adaptable to any type of soil. These are medium-sized trees that will help you improve the appearance of your garden. In other words, it will add color and life to your landscape.

Burning Bush Requires Minimal Care 

burning bush

This shrub is famous as it adapts well to any site or weather condition. We advise you to keep its size low. This is a low maintenance shrub; therefore, you should only trim it every once in a while. Its color and shape will give a unique look to your garden.

We hope this blog has helped you choose the ideal trees for your garden. You must be careful with your landscape, give it the maintenance it deserves. We know that taking care of a garden is a very time consuming task, therefore, we also advise you to ask for professional help.

Remember that Squirrels Tree Service Inc is here to help you with anything you need. We would love to put our experience and our tools at your disposal. Contact us if you have any questions.