The Complete Guide You Must Follow to Learn How to Plant a Potted Tree

how to plant a potted tree

Welcome to another Squirrels Tree Services blog. Today we will teach you how to plant a potted tree easily and simply. We will also mention some of the trees and plants that you should consider. Even if you think that small spaces are an impediment, there are more options than you can imagine to take advantage of the pots.

If you are one of the people who do not have a lot of space in your garden, then you must find a way to take advantage of each corner. We recommend you to use potted plants, they are a quality solution to all your problems. Trees that are planted in pots can be attached to any space in your house and provide many benefits.

We know that there are many things you should consider before planting a tree; therefore, we want you to pay a lot of attention to this blog. We are going to teach you the correct way to plant trees in pots. Get comfortable and enjoy this blog, Squirrels Tree Service is here to guide you!

How to Plant a Potted Tree: Step-by-Step Guide! 

how to plant in pots

Caring for a tree is a long-term commitment, therefore, you must do everything right from the moment you plant it. You need to make sure you choose the right pots, put them in the right place, and prepare the soil the right way. Do not worry, in this blog we are going to teach you how to prepare everything so that your tree grows in the correct way.

There are many types of trees that you can plant in a pot, many people prefer to take advantage of that space and plant fruit trees. We are going to teach you how to plant it the right way regardless of the type of tree you choose.

Here are the steps to follow if you want to learn how to plant a potted tree:

  1. You need to choose the right pot
  2. Be sure to choose fertilized soil
  3. Prepare the tree to place it in the pot
  4. You must choose the right place for the pot
  5. Water the tree frequently

Now that we have mentioned each of the steps you must follow, it only remains to explain them one by one.

Choose the Right Tree and Proper Pot 

Choosing a clay pot for plants

Any potting material can be used to plant trees. You just have to take care that they are deep and wide enough for the roots to fit correctly. We recommend clay pots, as plastic ones can crack. In addition, it is preferable to use a stronger and heavier material to ensure the stability of the tree when it grows.

Another central point when choosing the pots is that they must have holes in their base to allow proper drainage. Regarding the design of the pot, we recommend choosing rectangular containers to put them on the ground, you should also consider hanging baskets. Squirrels Tree Service recommends wheeled containers for easy movement.

These are the best trees you can plant in pots:

  • Flowering dogwood
  • Italian cypress
  • Japanese maple
  • Snowy mespilus
  • Olive trees

Be Sure to Choose Fertilized Soil 

fertilized soil for planting

There are two ways you can plant a tree; you can plant the seeds directly in the pot or you can transplant the tree. In both cases you should make sure to use fertilized soil that is rich in nutrients. For fertilization, the best options are compost and earthworm humus.

The soil is very important; therefore, you should make sure to choose the correct type. Do not crush the earth since it can damage the roots.

Prepare the Tree to Place It in the Pot 

planting potted trees

Firstly, you need to choose a manageable tree, as it will not have much space to spread its roots. For example, there are some fruit trees that can be planted at home, since they are small and adapt very well to housing conditions. Make sure to take care of the roots before inserting the tree into the pot.

Before planting the tree in the pot, try to soak it in water; in other words, put its roots in water at least 1 hour before. By doing this, you will prevent the tree from losing moisture.

You Must Choose the Right Place for the Pot 

potted plants and trees

Although each tree has its specificities, in general, they all need a sunny and open place. At least, they must have 6 hours of full sun to grow properly. So, keep the trees in direct sunlight most of the day and be careful for them not to be under a shadow.

You should also ensure that they have enough space to grow in height; Keep in mind that it will not be the same as it could reach on full ground. We recommend you to leave space for the tree to grow at least one and a half meters high. Also be sure to apply the essential tree care tips to keep it in top-shape.

Water the Tree Frequently 

how to water a potted tree

Irrigation is another of the central points in the care of any plant. The soil dries faster in the pots, that’s why you need to water your plants more often. Therefore, you should check the containers every morning and afternoon.

Water when the top 5 cm of soil is dry and pour water until it drains from the bottom of the container. As plants develop more extensive roots, they can be watered less frequently.